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Las Palmas Offshore Rigs
Magnificent property
for Sale or Rent in La
Pardilla, Telde!

Apartment in Telde, in La Pardilla
suburb. For sale, price 129.000
euros, or Medium term rent, up to
six months only. 700 Euros pm for
6 months, with an increase of 5%
each month for rent periods less
than six.  Well located, with easy
access to the north.south
motorway of Gran Canaria. Only 11
km from Las Palmas, yet more
convenient to reach the south and
the interior of the island.   
1st. Floor. Excellent condition.
Furnished and equipped.
3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms,
kitchen with oak cupboards,
connecting passage and 2
bathrooms, one of which has a
bath. Bright and external. 3 small
balconies. Hardwood common
stairs. Located some hundreds of
metres from motorway. 5 minutes
to Alcampo shopping centre and
Leroy Merlin hardware shop. Near
sports club. 4 km. from Telde
Mail: casa@eirtec.net
Tel. (0034) 928 93 28 27